About Me

I was born in San Gabriel, California in 1950. I worked for Los Angeles County for most of my adult life. I retired in 1993.
I have always been interested in the physical aspects of the mineral realm - rockhounding, gold prospecting, and making jewelry from the rocks,crystals, and semi-precious gemstones I found. In the 1970's I became interested in the metaphysical and energetic properties of minerals, gemstones, and crystals.
A new portal to adventure opened itself as I realized the potentials of communication with the Mineral Realm. Divination is one such avenue of communication and aid. Meditation and dreamwork open more possibilities while chakra balancing, gemstone elixirs, and wearing gems and crystals for healing offer additional aid. Utilizing various stones helps in manifestation work and goal achievement, protection, and creativity, to name but a few more things! Writing Crystal and Gemstone Divination was my opportunity to share on these topics.
In addition to my lifelong interest in the mineral realm, gardening is another avocation that has developed alongside that of crystals and gemstones. Many of the photos in my "Divination" book feature beautiful crystals and gems in the garden settings of my 1902 Folk Victorian home, Heartsease Cottage.
In the 1970's and  1980's I used to give readings to the public in order to share Mineral Wisdom so that others, too, could benefit from the age-old patronage that the Mineral Realm offers to humankind. Receiving guidance from the Mineral Realm is not something that I alone can do.
Anyone can easily access the guidance this Realm has to offer. Crystal and Gemstone Divination was written so that others may do for themselves what I used to do for them.
While I no longer provide readings in a public way, through this book I encourage each and every reader to do so for themselves. It will be well worth the minimal effort to cultivate your own relationship with the Mineral Realm. The benefits are far-reaching and will aid in personal growth and life management. Do hone your skills by giving self-readings and readings for others as I once did.
After nearly 30 years of giving readings I felt the need to share what I have learned with others and to retire from serving the public in the "divination way" by the writing of Crystal and Gemstone Divination. May the "stones" serve you well!